Lets go on a long drive, we have all done that once in a life time or may be monthly or even weekly. It now comes down to deciding where to go and planning the routes and the stop-overs during the long drive. The reason we are saying about this is because deciding and planning to buy your next smartphone is a mission as we have some of the best brands in the market. Today we will learn some of the best and cheapest BlackBerry SIM Only deals and also some know tricks to save you money and get you a better deal.

BlackBerry Bold 9790 from RIM a canadian based phone manufacturer has already made its strong based all over the world, but the biggest challenge for mobile phone networks is to support the most wanted BlackBerry Instant Messaging (BBM) and other BlackBerry services on the network. 3 Mobile network which is one of the biggest 3G network in UK, bundles the BBM on their BlackBerry SIM only deals from £15 a month.

Do I Need a BlackBerry SIM Only to work on BlackBerry Devices?

Compare BlackBerry SIM Only Deals
Almost all the major UK networks do offer you a complete package with the latest BlackBerry smartphone such as the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Bold 9790, BlackBerry Torch and many more but they ask you to commit to a 24 months contract and thatís where the deciding problem starts.

If you do decide to take the BlackBerry phone on a 24 months contract you are looking around £35 to £45 a month for two years commitment. Some prefer that way while others donít want to get committed.

The best solution is that you can now take a pay monthly rolling contract or a 12 month BlackBerry SIM only contract and use your own BlackBerry phone with all the BBM and other services with it.

It is not necessary that you need to take only BlackBerry SIM only deals which are advertised, but you can take any sim only deals and ask the customer services to activate the BlackBerry services which would cost you an extra £5 on top of your existing sim only contract.

So, for example if you order online a pay monthly sim only contract from 3 mobile on the SIM 600 giving you 600 any network minutes with all-you-can-eat data and want to convert it into a BlackBerry SIM only then call up customer service on 01933778633 or 333 from your 3 mobile and ask to add £5 BlackBerry Add-on to give you BBM, BlackBerry Internet and Email services on your existing sim account.

So likewise when you order sim only deals from any other UK top network call the customer services to add the BlackBerry SIM only Add-onís and other related services.

What is the most Recommended and Cheapest BlackBerry SIM Only Deals in UK?

As you now know the trick of converting any sim only into a BlackBerry SIM only package, all you most need now is a good deal from these UK top 5 networks which support the demanding 3G constant connection.

Since the only most valuable reason you would choose a BlackBerry over any other smartphone would be mostly for the BBM, making RIM and the services most dependable in UK and around the world.

The cheapest BlackBerry SIM only deals would be for £15 a month on SIM 300 with 300 any network minutes + 3000 UK texts, 1 GB Internet and BlackBerry services from 3 mobile network. The SIM 300 cost £10 a month + £5 for BlackBerry services making a total of £15 a month on the BlackBerry sim only package.

For an extra £5 on top of £15 why not double the minutes to 600 any network minutes on a 12 months contract making it one of the most recommended BlackBerry sim only deal in UK from 3 mobile network.

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