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    The Blackberry 9320 from Research In Motion is a good looking smartphone designed in the classic Blackberry "over and under" style. It comes with a 1450 mAh battery that gives a typical amount of talk time. But for those who use it for gaming or for watching video, that battery time can go way down. How do you get more battery life out of the Blackberry 9320? The first thing to do may seem obvious.

    Although it may not be an amiable solution, the first thing to do to save battery life in the 9320 is to use it less. Simply turning it off more during the day is the best and safest way to save battery life. Since not a lot of people will be able to do that in this day and age, there are other solutions. The backlight brightness can be set lower, especially if you are going to be using the smartphone during the night. It is possible to do that in the menus of OS 7.1. Navigate to the "Screen Display" section of the menus in the handset and turn the brightness down to the least you can handle. This is a great way to make the time between charges longer.

    Secondly, use Wi-Fi when you can for data or even calls. The Wi-Fi radio uses much less energy than the carrier network. Try to use the Wi-Fi radio rather than the 3G networks. It will increase the battery life. While you are not near to a Wi-Fi network, turn off the Wi-Fi. The smartphone is set up to automatically seek a Wi-Fi network and it uses the processor, which in turn uses more of the battery. You may be losing the advantages of automation, but you will also be saving the battery. You can disable Wi-Fi under the "Network Settings" in the Blackberry 9320.

    Thirdly, change the backlight timeout. This option is under the "Screen Display" settings in the menus of the 9320. Having it on for long amounts of time will of course use more of the battery. If there is no need for the screen to be on for two minutes, why no go ahead and turn it down? Can you handle a screen that is on for ten seconds before blacking out? If so, you can save on the battery. If not, the next fastest setting should be good enough.

    If you are not using bluetooth, shut it off. This is another radio, like the Wi-Fi radio, that is a quick "Network Settings" switch. The bluetooth radio on the Blackberry 9320 is another automatic nicety that comes with modern smartphone these days. All the same, the battery is suffering if the handset is constantly checking for a bluetooth system nearby. If you know you are not going to need it, give it the boot. You can always turn it back on later.

    This is a small secret for Blackberry users for saving battery life. Change the "Network Settings" in areas of poor cell coverage. Your carrier is not in all places where you are. Turning the settings from 3G to 2G in crowded ( populated ) areas may help the battery to last longer. The 2G network is slower, but your handset will not be fighting for connection. This one trick could add a whole extra day to your battery life. If you really want to get drastic you can turn data services completely off.

    Another great tip to save battery life on the Blackberry 9320 is to set the "Auto ON/OFF". The Blackberry 7 handsets have the ability to turn the handset off and on at preset times. If you know your schedule, you can have the smartphone turn itself off and on when you know you are not going to be using it. It can be set for different schedules on weekends and weekdays as well. During this time of suspension the smartphone will be completely off, so make a note of it. Nothing, including emails and texts will be coming in. You can find this in the "Options" menu. Go to "Device" and then to "Auto ON/OFF". The "Bedside Mode" is similar, but leaves the messaging services and the calls on.

    These are some of the basic things a Blackberry 9320 owner can do to get longer battery life on their handset. Use them and enjoy longer times between charges.

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    Re: Six tips on how to get longer battery life on your Blackberry 9320

    Hmmm,these 6 tips are really very much informative,thanks for it.
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    Re: Six tips on how to get longer battery life on your Blackberry 9320

    Quote Originally Posted by Rinki Garg View Post
    Hmmm,these 6 tips are really very much informative,thanks for it.
    You are welcome ! §
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