Transferring Contacts and Calendars

1. From the Home screen, go to Settings.
2. Then tap Accounts.
3. In the designated fields, enter your email address and password.
4. Then your emails, contacts and calendars from the account you’ve just added will be transferred to your BlackBerry Z10.
5. As simple as that!

Tip: In case your contacts are stored in the memory of your iPhone, search to see how you can sync them to your email account. You can use an email account such as Gmail, Hotmail, Windows Live or Yahoo. After you’ve finished syncing your contacts with the email account, simply add the account to the BlackBerry Z10 using the method above.

Transferring Music

1. First off, you need to sync your iPhone with the iTunes from your computer. If you don't have iTunes, you need to download and install the program.
2. Then downloaded BlackBerry Link and connect your BlackBerry Z10 to the PC via an USB cable and make sure that you select iTunes as the music source of your BlackBerry Link. This is very important.
3. Then Open BlackBerry Link on your computer.
4. Go to the Music content.
5. Then, while the BlackBerry Z10 is connected to the computer, drag and drop the desired music tracks from the Desktop tab to the BlackBerry tab.
6. And that’s it! Your music will be transferred to the BlackBerry Z10.

Transferring Pictures and Videos

1. You first need to transfer your videos and pictures from your iPhone to your computer. It’s recommended that you just sync the files via iTunes.
2. Then download BlackBerry Link.
3. Make sure you select iTunes as the content source for the BlackBerry Link.
4. Connect the BlackBerry Z10 to your PC via the USB cable.
5. Open BlackBerry Link -> click on the Desktop tab and, depending on the type of computer you’re using, you have the following options:
• If you have a Windows PC -> navigate to the Pictures and Video content views and then add the folders that store the imported content.
• If you have a MAC PC -> BlackBerry Link will source the library content from the iTunes and iPhoto apps. So you need to make sure your imported content is included in the iTunes and iPhoto libraries.
6. Then from the Desktop tab, navigate to the Pictures and Videos content view.
7. Now simply drag the imported content to the BlackBerry Tab. Make sure your BlackBerry Z10 is connected to your computer via the USB cable.
8. Congratulations! You’ve managed to transfer your pictures and vides to your new BlackBerry Z10.

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