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    First off thanks for your time and effort.
    My BlackBerry Curve went to the great cellphone store in the sky a couple of weeks ago. Luckily I backed my phone contacts up with BlackBerry desktop manager 5.0. However, I'm trying to sync these contacts to gmail, and no dice. Nada, Nothing, Zip. I just bought a Google Nexus 4, and would love to have my old contacts there.

    Logging into BlackBerry dm, it tells me to connect my device for every single category (applications, organizer, files). This is quite impossible as my device is dead.

    So am I hooped? Or is there a magical way around this?


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    Re: Getting BlackBerry Contacts off BlackBerry DM 5?

    Try this:

    1. In desktop manager click on "Organizer," "Address Book" and then click "Setup."
    2. Select "ASCII Importer/Exporter" and click "Next."
    3. Click "One Way Sync From Device."
    4. Click "Options," then "Comma" and then "Browse."
    5. Navigate to the location where you want to save your contacts and type a name in the "File name" input box.
    6. Click "Open."
    7. Click "Yes" in the window that prompts you to confirm that you want to create the file.
    8. Click "Next," then click "Finish" and "OK." The BlackBerry Desktop Software will go back to the Organizer screen.
    9. Check the box next to "Address Book" if it is not checked already Click "Sync."

    Import Contacts
    1. Log in to your Gmail account.
    2. Click on the "Standard" link at the bottom of the Web page only if you are viewing your email in "Basic HTML" mode.
    3. Click the "Contacts" option on the left.
    4. Click the "More Actions" drop-down menu and select "Import..."
    5. Click "Choose File" and navigate to the file you created in BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
    6. Select the file and click "Open."
    7. Click "Import" in the Gmail window. Gmail will inform you of how many contacts it imported.

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