Setting up corporate email

1. Go to the Apps Screen and then tap and drag down the Top Frame.
2. Touch Settings -> tap Accounts -> tap Add Account -> touch Advanced -> select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.
3. Then in the Username field, enter your username.
4. In the Email Address field, enter the desired email address.
5. Tap Password and enter your password.
6. Tap Server Address and enter the server address. You may have to get in touch with your IT professional to find out the exact server address.
7. Then tap Next and follow the prompts to complete the process.
8. When finished, tap Done.
9. Congratulations! The corporate email has been set up.

Sending an email

1. From the Apps Screen, go to the BlackBerry Hub by swiping right.
2. Then tap Hub -> select the desired email account -> touch Compose.
3. In the To field, enter the desired email address -> tap Submit.
4. Then in the Subject field, enter the desired subject.
5. Tap the Message field and compose your message.
6. When finished, tap Send.

Adding an attachment to an email

1. Compose the email that you want to send.
2. Then to attach a file to it, tap the Attach icon located at the bottom of the screen.
3. Select the file type that you’d like to attach. For example: Picture.
4. Select the file that you wish to send and tap Done.
5. When you finished adding the desired files and are ready to send the email, tap Send.

Forwarding an email

1. Open the email that you want to forward.
2. Then tap Forward -> enter the desired email address or select the desired contact from the list.
3. Then tap Send.

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