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Our company has many years of experience, you do not need to have a broad knowledge about phones. We have simple instructions that will help you unlock your phone quickly and easily.

After unlocking, your cell phone will work with any GSM network!

You don't have to worry that unlocking your Blackberry will affect your warranty. Your phone will be unlocked by the same way as manufacturer would do it so it is the safest and non-invasive method to release your Blackberry .

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The average waiting time for unlocking Blakberry starts from 4 minutes and the price starts from 6.49 USD.

To get your Blackberry unlocked in addition to IMEI number is also MEP or PRD number needed.
MEP number can be readed after conecting Your phone to computer by using this mep reader.
PRD number is wrote under the battery on the information label.

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