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    Transferring Contacts from an Android Device to the BlackBerry Q10

    Have you purchased a BlackBerry Q10 and now would like to transfer the contacts from an Android smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, SIII, or a Nexus? Using the following method, you’ll be able to transfer your data in no time!

    1. From your Computer, log in to your Google Account (Gmail).
    2. The click on Gmail -> click on Contacts and check if all your contacts are saved there. In case your contacts are not saved to a Gmail account, you need to go to your Android smartphone, log in to your Gmail account on the phone and then Sync your contacts to Gmail.
    3. When your contacts are synced to Gmail, from the Home screen of your BlackBerry Q10 go to Settings -> tap Account -> tap Add Account and add the Gmail account you used to save all your contacts.
    4. Then, when prompted, select to sync the contacts to your BlaackBerry Q10.

    Transferring Contacts from an Windows Phone Device to the BlackBerry Q10

    1. If your previous smartphone was a Windows 8 or Windows 7 device, then your contacts are most likely synced with the Windows Live Account, Outlook or Hotmail.
    2. So what you need to do is to open your BlackBerry Q10 -> then go to Settings -> tap Account -> tap Add account and add your Windows Live Account -> when prompted, select to sync your contacts -> your contacts will then be transferred to your BlackBerry Q10.

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    Re: Transfer Contacts from an Android or Windows Phone 8 Smartphone to the BlackBerry Q10

    The best way I found to transfer the contacts, was to export the contacts from the Android device to the SD card, import that to GMail, export from GMail in Outlook CSV format, import that to Outlook and sync contacts with the BlackBerry desktop app.
    You cannot go direct because Outlook does not support importing more than one contact per VCF file, and phone numbers will not sync to GMail automatically unless they also have an email address on them.

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