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All you need to have to go is the IMEI code of your Blackberry 8520 curve and the mobile service provider it is locked to. You can find the IMEI code below its battery or by simply dialing *#06#. With the IMEI code complete a free or paid offer at freeunlocks.com. Once you complete the puffers a free mobile phone unlock code will be sent to your email together with clear instructions on how to go through the process of unlocking your mobile phone. You do not need the help of a mobile phone technician since the process is so simple and quick.

Your free blackberry 8520 curve unlock codes can only be used to unlock the mobile phone whose IMEI code has been used to generate the IMEI code. The unlock code is meant uniquely to the specific mobile phone. If you have more than two mobile phones you will have to complete multiple if you want to have them all unlocked. The good thing is that at the end of the day you are not going to pay any amount of money for the unlocking codes.

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