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    Off the chain... find it 4 me... thanx

    See More: Req: I-20 - Fightin' In The Club

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    this song is HOT plz find it

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    Phat Ant
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    this is the ****tiest song in the ****ing world. you call this music? damn.... 90 percent of rap is worthless bull****. seriously, RAP=retards attempting poetry. listening to this crap gives me a perspective into what happens if you're dirt poor/homeless, got kicked out of school when you were 4 for smoking pot, are nearly illiterate, have a 3 word vocabulary and use random words from the dictionary as long as they rhyme. i REALLY think that rap gives black people a terrible reputation. thats probably why people are so damn racist to blacks, because all they see on tv are ****ing idiots like redman, method man, u-god, odb, cash money, juvenile, etc. need i say more??? yes i am hijacking this thread since its already been resolved, and i want to change it into a question that goes; is rap good music?

    hahah i think rap is a pile of **** with the exception to a few artists that actually do have good lyrics (nappy roots, eminem, 50 cent, mobb deep) and good beats. however, most the **** you hear is GAY AS **** such as "fighting in the club".

    you entitled to your opinion but the pic was unnecessary
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    at some place talking on my cell im sure
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    once again something in this forum has made me want to rant. so here it is.

    see, in this part of the forum, this is how this works. you request a midi, we see if we can get it for you. what you just did is NOT how cpf works. im sure they didnt open this section for people to crap on rap and hiphop. if that person likes rap, ok then. if you dont like it, ok then. so, find some other place to say rap=crap. just not here.

    so, that concludes my angry post of the week.

    if this is too out of line then vinsanity x-zero lucifer or whoever can delete.
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    Your computer forum.

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    Phat Ant
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    lol alright.. then where do i post my inklings? shall i devote a whole thread to it in the off topic section? nah.. i just felt like posing a question, i apologize for breaking your law master. btw, what did i post a picture of? it must be the short term memory.. and why no cursing.. bahhh

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    I didn't like the song when i first heard it but it grew on me and it is tight!

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    mens rea
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    you i want this ringtone also, i hope someone can come up wit this.

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