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    nokia 3100

    right the file to the comp
    go to Hidden Content
    click the file
    click send file
    another page will come up giving you an id..go on ur fones WAP, and do what it says on the webpage

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    Samsung DGH-d415 (T-Mobile)

    I haven't actually gotten any ringtones from here yet, but I have a method for those without WAP access. But first, the normal method with a Data Cable, EasyGPRS, and MMF format of the ringtone. The other method is just to go above the 30-32KB limit of EasyGPRS; but you get a 90KB limit instead with MMS.

    Normal Method:

    1) First, you have to have the ringtone somewhere on your hard drive. If it's Midi, you can convert it to MMF with PSMPlay. The file size should shrink when you do that.
    2) Have EasyGPRS installed. You can get it from Samsung's site for free (Manual too): Hidden Content (You have to search for it, use something like d415 when searching). You will have to restart the computer after installation. Remember to setup your COM ports.
    3) The Data Cable model should be PCB093LBE. Have that plugged in. And plug in your phone and start up the program. It may not detect your phone the first time around; in that case, just close the program, unplug and replug your phone, and start it up again.
    4) After the program is up and running, go to Tool, select Melody to Phone, select your ringtone, preview it if you want, and upload. The file size limit seems to be around 30KB, so be careful. (Pictures can be uploaded too with EasyGPRS, but File Manager only works with pictures and not video).

    I forgot to mention that EasyGPRS comes with some free ringtones and pictures after installation. The MMFs are protected, however.

    MMS method ($0.05 each message):

    1) You will have to have an e-mail account so you can send it to yourself. And read the stuff here so you know what T-mobile does: Hidden Content
    2) As I found out the hard way, you cannot send MMF file format to your cellphone. Or can you? I just changed the file extension from .MMF to .MID (before sending it) and my phone plays it. I guess I tricked T-Mobile or just got lucky.
    3) Now that you know that, the e-mail address you should use when sending from E-mail to Mobile is your-cell-phone-number-(area code included) . Just like at the link above. Remember, there is a 90KB limit with MMS, so be careful with that.
    4) Next, just attach the file(s) you want in the e-mail and send it. It may take awhile for your phone to download it.

    If you want a WAV to MMF program (with voice), you can get it from Yamaha as told by Vidguy11 in this topic: Hidden Content (page 2, program name: WSC-MA2-SMAF-210-u )

    I forgot to mention that you can send midi files through MMS, though it is sort of implied up there. Hidden Content

    I'm part of a family plan that doesn't have WAP and it turns out it's not free anymore. I thought it was when I saw this post: Hidden Content
    Oh, well. Hidden Content It's $4.99 now for unlimited WAP.
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    I have an ALLTEL Motorola v710.
    I use a motorola cable to upload my ringtones and my wallpapers while using mobile phone tools.
    I normally download music and cut the mp3s myself using wavepad(freeware).
    Most of my ringtones get compliments about the quality of a "freaking ringtone"
    I change the birate, sample rate, eq, and amplify by ear. the only "set" thing with my ringtones are converting them to mono audio format. Hope this helps! If you want more info please pm me, or check out the links on my signature. I have quite a few ringtones on those sites. I'll eventually start posting them on here once i get used to this place.

    nice site guys, I like the format!
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    sony ericsson t630

    for the sony ericsson t630 or any phone with an infrared port:

    1. save midi file to computer or laptop with infrared port
    2. turn on infrared on phone (on sony ericsson, click on "more" then "turn on infrared")
    3. align the two infrared ports
    4. click "send files to [phone]" on computer
    5. select file to transfer and send
    6. press accept on phone
    7. downloaded file should be in the "my sounds" folder of the phone
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    I Havn't Gottin anything from this site yet as well but all I do is:
    1.Download the file into my web folder on my pc.
    2.I have a Bookmark that takes me to the directory of said folder online
    2.then I download the file at .03cents per KB
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    tmboile sharp

    first download ringtone to wherever on my computer
    then i venture to Hidden Content
    then i simply find the file set it to upload
    then i enter my cellphone number
    then i enter the service proivder and hit upload
    sends it right to my phone and i enjoy
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    Mark 08
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    Samsung sch a670 - Verizon Wireless

    1. Download the ringtone to my hard drive.
    2. Open up Bitpim
    3. Make sure the settings are correct and it recegnizes my phone is plugged in.
    4. Go to the "Ringers" tab.
    5. Drag the file into Bitpim.
    6. Go to Data>Send Phone Data and click ringtones, then OK

    Wait for it to send, it reboots my phone...and all is good :-)
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    Sony Ericcson T610

    1: Download Ringtone
    2: Connect Phone to USB
    3: Open FloAt's Mobile Agent
    4: Upload Ringonte to phone.
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    Getting your new ringtones to your sprint phone may be difficult because of the way sprint has things set up. Many sites that allow you to directly send ringtones to your phone are not compatable with Sprint. So this is how I do it:

    1) Save your MIDI or Real Tone anywhere on your hard drive, preferably a directory dedicated to tones
    2) go to Hidden Content
    3) select focus from the top menu bar.
    4) use the focus tool to select the file you want to send, enter your phone number
    5) if you are sending a wallpaper you may specify the make of your phone so it will re-size it for your display.
    6) Hit the send button, and your phone will receive a text message.
    7) Follow the link in the text message to download your ringtone/wallpaper and enjoy!
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    Samsung E105
    1) Download ringer from
    2) Email Hidden Content
    3) Set as Ring tone

    and... there you go! Hidden Content
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    Why are you interested?
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    upload ringer to Hidden Content via a computer
    write down the id given to you after upload is complete
    go to and enter id given via phone
    download to phone and set as ringer

    works with about any phone and any ringtone format - mid, mp3, mmf, etc
    also does images and games and just about anything, there aren't really any restrictions as far as what you upload, only file size which is max 500k
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    For those without data cables: (this works for almost all phones)
    1) download the file you would like to transfer to your phone
    2) use gui at Hidden Content , write down jumpcode given
    navigate to the url on your phones WAP browser, input jumpcode.
    3) download file.
    4) profit
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    Motorola E815

    1) Go to Hidden Content
    2) Enter your telephone number
    3) Choose E815 as your phone type
    4) Send it as a picture message
    5) Receive, Save and Enjoy
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    Verizon Wireless
    only within the confines of imagination
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    Motorola e815 (Verizon)

    Transflash method for MIDI and MP3 (works even without signal)

    1. Crop MIDI to under a minute or MP3 to under 200kb - change the extension of the mp3 to .mid (Hidden Content to get xp to let you)
    2. Save to transflash card using a digital media drive (Walmart for 20bucks if you don't have one)
    3. Put card in phone (preferably while phone is off Hidden Content )
    4. Create a pix message to 555-555-5555 (fake number) and insert>sound ~look for the little orange phone icon on the screen - if you see it, hit menu (center)>ok>ok to switch storage devices~
    5. Send... The call will fail... go to your outbox and select the unsent message... hit the menu (center) key >save items>ok>select
    6. When the file plays click Store, choose phone, and store only (to save for one person through the addy book)) or set as your main ringtone


    vzwpix method for midis (no card needed)

    1. Find your midi and crop it to under 60 seconds (you can use Hidden Content software free)
    2. Go to vzwpix and set up an account
    3. Choose to upload media on vzwpix and upload your midi(s)...
    4. Create a message to your phone number.
    5. When the file plays click Store, choose phone, and store only (to save for one person through the addy book)) or set as your main ringtone

    If you have a $5,10,or 15 plan this is free.. if not each message costs $.25 so load the midis onto one message (up to 200kb I think)
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    Samsung X427 Cingular
    1) Download anything you want for your phone (ringtone, wallpaper, etc) on to your computer
    2) go to and upload the file. it will give you a number
    3) use the WAP browser on your phone and go to Hidden Content and enter the #
    4) download file
    5) rinse, repeat
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