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    Its an easy way to earn a coupla bucks....

    Leave a submission:
    #1. Hit the "post reply" button
    #2. Put your phone make/model in the subject line
    #3. Explain step by step (in numbered steps just like this post) how you got a ringtone or wallpaper from CPF to your phone
    #4. Submit your reply
    #5. Wait for a staff member to read and approve your post then the money should appear in your account!

    Use this thread as a resource:
    #1. Use the advanced search feature of our board to search the newbie forum (dropdown box) for your phone name... if this thread appears as a search result there is a chance your phone's instructions will be provided.
    #2. Scroll through (the pages of) this thread looking for your phone name OR use the "edit" "find in page" feature of your browser to search each page quickly for your phone
    #3. Follow the instructions
    #4. Refrain from leaving your thanks and disdain in this thread. If it does not work then report the post to the mods of the thread... if it does, well hey, that;s what its here for.... please don't make the next guy's search a harder by leaving more posts to dig through!!

    See More: $$$ Tell us how YOU get tones from CPF to your phone and earn CPF$ $$$
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    Alright ill go first for those who are new with verizon...

    Verizon users that have phones that are capable of sending/receiving messages and can play custom tones...

    For Verizon users,

    1. Log onto Hidden Content
    2. Click on Create a Message
    3. The site will ask you for your e-mail address...type it in to confirm message use
    4. You can click on any one of the medias there for you by verizon, or u can upload your own.
    5. Click the red box with the word "UPLOAD MEDIA" on it
    6. You're gonna install Active X or sumthing, so let it download and install
    7. and from there drag the uploaded message from the upload file box, click and drag to one of the empty boxes, and click the red box located on the bottom right hand corner that says "Preview and Send"
    8. A window pops up. Fill in the phone number with area code in the "Send to" line, and subject if needed in the "Subject" line.
    9. Send. Receive the message. From there, phones vary on how to save a tone - so thats why phones come with little instructional booklets Hidden Content

    BTW i dont want to be payed for this...or else im gonna pay it back to you Hidden Content
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    Go to Hidden Content

    After you signup you just upload your ringtone.. go to your locker and send to phone.. Youll get a text message to download it..

    All my CPF is used to download ringtones from this website so alot are probly on there but if there not then signup to send them to ur phone Hidden Content
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    Nokia N-gage

    1) Make sure you have an MMC card in your phone with free memory
    2) Plug USB cable into phone and computer
    3) Your phone should show up as a Drive in my computer
    4) Copy your tone into x:\sounds/digital
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    sony ericsson t300
    1 go to Hidden Content
    2 buy a cheap compatibleinfrared adapter
    3 plug it into usb port
    4 right click on file
    5 click on send to another computer or to t300
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    Sony Ericsson T610

    1.First I save the tone to my computer, somewhere easy like Desktop or My Documents.
    2.I go to, and upload the file with the free uploader. Then they give you a ID number.
    3. After the file is uploaded, I go connect to the internet on my phone (t-zones) and go to Hidden Content
    4.At that point, u will be prompted for the ID, then the tone is downloaded to your phone.
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    Nextel i730 phone

    Nextel i730 phone

    1. First i save the tone to my pc. I prefer the desktop because its easy to find.
    2. I plug serial cable to pc and to phone.
    3. Start Iden Webjal software
    4. Select Download Tones
    5. Select the location of tone, and pick the tones you want to upload to your phone, you can select up to 50 files.
    5. Select Download
    6. This Begins the download of the tone to your phone.
    7. Once the download is completed, log off, Webjal, and then disconnect your phone.
    8. In your phone menu, go to Ring Tones, your new ring tones should be there.
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    sony erricson k700i

    1.Download ringtones/games from web and save on hardrive
    2.On my laptop (dell d600) there is a built in infared you have to make sure it is activated by going into the computer setup (hold f2) during startup.
    3.change the setting on your k700i to activate the infared under connectivity / infrared port turn to "on" or 10 min which will automatically turn off the infrared after that amount of time.
    4. Align the cell phone so that it points at the infrared port on the laptop an icon will appear in the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop prompting you to connect to a new device that has been found
    5.Once you are connected if you click on the icon in the task bar it will let you browse for any file on your system to send to the phone
    6.Click send and wait for the promt on the cell phone.
    7.Hit accept incoming file on the phone and BAM you got new ringtones games pictures ...

    -Hope its helpful for someone.
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    LG VX6000 (Data cable)

    LG VX-6000 Data Cable Instructions

    1. Save tone somewhere (on hard drive) easy to find.
    2. Connect cable to phone and USB port.
    3. Open 'Bitpim' and click the ringtones tab.
    4. Click 'Add', then select the tone(s) you want to transfer.
    5. Go to 'Data', then select 'Send Phone Data'.

    The tone(s) will send, then you can listen to them by going to your 'My Media' folder.
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    Motorola V300-T-mobile w/t-zones pro

    As for pics
    E-mail pics to you phone using your t-mobile internet account (all t-mobile cutomers have them) you can send the pic as an attachment to your ten digit number example Hidden Content

    I use my web page as a storage device for my mp3 tones and the occasional midi You can find a step by step tutorial in the ringtones forum.
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    Samsung A660 (or any sprint phone)

    Getting your new ringtones to your sprint phone may be difficult because of the way sprint has things set up. Many sites that allow you to directly send ringtones to your phone are not compatable with Sprint. So this is how I do it:

    1) Save your MIDI or Real Tone anywhere on your hard drive, preferably a directory dedicated to tones
    2) go to Hidden Content
    3) select focus from the top menu bar.
    4) use the focus tool to select the file you want to send, enter your phone number
    5) if you are sending a wallpaper you may specify the make of your phone so it will re-size it for your display.
    6) Hit the send button, and your phone will receive a text message.
    7) Follow the link in the text message to download your ringtone/wallpaper and enjoy!
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    Audiovox 9900/Moto V710

    Well, for Verizon's Customers, you can do it as CROSS posted or you can save a few steps and just send them to your phone via your email account.

    1. Once you have saved your ringtone.
    2. Open your email account (Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Yahoo, etc)
    3. Create a new email.
    4. Type in your phone's email address.
    (If your phone number is 123-456-7890 then your phone's email is
    Hidden Content )
    5. Go down to where you would normally type, and attach your songclip to
    there.There is no need to type anything if you don't want.
    6. Now just send it. That's it.
    7. You should almost instantly start receiving your email with your song
    8. This is going to cost you a few cents, unless you have a pix/text package.
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    Nec 525

    NEC 525 instructions:
    1: I download a tone to somewhere easy to find
    2: i go to Yahoo's Geocities(free)
    3: I upload it and put it on the my Geocities website
    4:Then I go onto the phone and go on the Interenet
    5: Then I go to the site and click the song I uploaded
    6: It downloads to my phone Hidden Content
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    Sony Ericsson T637 or any phone with bluetooth

    I use bluetooth to send files to my phone.

    I bought my bluetooth dongle from best buy for $39.00 US and installed the software on my computer.

    First, I save the file on my USB drive (or hard drive) in my folder for cell phone items.

    Second, open the folder.

    Third, ensure bluetooth on the phone is turned on.

    Third, select the file, right click and choose send to bluetooth, select my phone and the file is sent.

    I use bluetooth to send anything to my phone, wallpapers, games, ring tones, themes, personal pictures, etc. I love it and will not buy another phone without bluetooth.
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    Sanyo 8100/8200 - SPRINT

    1) I edit a midi file using Anvil Studio (free download)
    2) Save the resultant midi file with a .mid extension
    3) Then goto Hidden Content and upload it to my phone
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