Poll: who would win in a straight up street fight? (no guns dammit!)

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    checked this album out real quick....(unfortunately)

    figured some1 would want this.

    See More: 50 Cent - Piggy Bank Produced By Needlz
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    yeah mahn awesome stuff thx for the tone

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    awesome thanks man

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    thx bro
    ****ing great ringtone

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    thanks man

    clickety clack

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    great freaking song!!!

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    thats my cousin needlz doin the damn thing

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    Mad propz 4 the ringer. Peace

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    good looking, when i get enough posts ill d/l Hidden Content

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    thanks i wanted that one

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    North Click aka NC

    O.o wattz thx for this hot ringtone

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    Member Of 50 Cent's Entourage Shot As 50 Dismisses Game From G-Unit

    50 Cent called into New York radio station Power 105 today (2/28) and announced his protégé The Game is no longer a part of G-Unit.

    50 booted Game from his powerhouse rap outfit after the West Coast star appeared on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex this past Saturday and Angie Martinez this afternoon and refuted 50’s claim that he had a major hand in assisting Game with his debut, The Documentary.

    The Game appeared on Hot 97 at the same time as 50 Cent was on Power 105 and was unaware of the announcement. It wasn’t until a caller phoned in and asked Game his thoughts on 50 Cent dissing him that the California rapper learned the news.

    Game carefully avoided answering the question and responded by saying he would continue to make good music.

    The next caller, however, challenged the Compton star and told him he wouldn’t be as successful without 50 Cent before Game retorted by telling the female fan to “suck it.”

    In a recent interview with VIBE magazine, 50 stated he was brought in by Interscope Records to resurrect Game’s album, which according to 50 was on the verge of being shelved and Game being dropped from the label.

    On Saturday, however, The Game told Funkmaster Flex that his status was never uncertain nor was ever close to being let go by Dr. Dre or Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine.

    “It was the truth,” an animated 50 Cent told Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 this evening after his appearance on Power 105. “He was getting dropped. Why else would they let me be a partner on a project that [Interscope] had for two years?

    “I’m so disappointed,” 50 continued. “This is crazy.”

    Earlier today, The Game repeated his assertions and also noted his displeasure with 50 Cent for publicizing a shoving match the duo had.

    The Game compared the situation to the spat between former teammates Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant, which often took place through the media.

    Yet The Game seemed to overlook comments he made during a previous Hot 97 interview when he initially discussed his and 50 butting heads over the direction of his album.

    50, however, explained to Funkmaster Flex that there was no physical confrontation of any kind.

    “We ain’t never had no pushing and shoving match,” said 50. “That’s entertainment. I was trying to follow up with him and not make him look crazy by saying it didn’t happen. Because he says a lot of things and then turns around and takes it back.”

    50 Cent then remarked on Game calling out Jay-Z while in Amsterdam and then quickly dissipating any rumors of beef between him and the Def Jam president once he returned.

    He said Game called him from overseas to check on the status of any potential disagreement Jay-Z had. 50 never got in touch with Jay-Z, but received word from sources close to Jay that the emcee was just warning Game.

    The Game recently returned from a European promotional tour for The Documentary and was confronted with reports of a growing riff between him and the rest of the G-Unit camp.

    Although he downplayed the situation, the rapper revealed jealousy was playing a role in the information floating around between him and his former clique.

    “I been hearing mixed things, getting mixed e-mails, getting phone calls, so I don't know the nature of where this is coming from,” Game told AllHipHop.com a few days ago. “I just got back from Europe so I haven't heard a lot of things and at then end of the day, some people are frustrated with the success of my album.”

    50, on the other hand, felt just the opposite.

    “I think he has a problem with my position,” 50 said. “I think he’d like to be 50 Cent. Like, the head of the situation. To be technical, I make more of his record than he does.”

    50 added that he contributed at least six songs on The Documentary, including the chorus for “Church For Thugs.”

    He called Game’s album his EP before it was the Cali rapper’s album. “I muted my vocals and gave him records.”

    In a moment that perhaps foreshadowed Game’s departure from G-Unit, the rapper revealed on Saturday his intentions of recording with Nas, a nemesis of 50 Cent.

    Funkmaster Flex questioned Game for aligning himself with Nas, but the rapper responded: “When I have beef it seems like I’m always by myself.”

    50 told listeners Game might as well cut the track with Nas now.

    As for the rest of G-Unit, Young Buck apologized to 50 Cent on air while at Power 105 for his lyrics regarding Game on “Let Me In” when he rapped “You ain’t no Blood like Game.”

    “He’s just a rapper, he don’t live it, man,” said Buck. The Tennessee native then offered to “take care of him” referring to Game before 50 intervened and told him it wouldn’t be necessary

    Lloyd Banks simply said: “He don’t move like we move.”

    Meanwhile, Jadakiss and D-Block have confirmed that they are going to respond to 50 Cent’s disses in the song “Piggybank.” The Yonkers native called into DJ Clue’s radio show late Monday.

    “I got a whole clip loaded up,” Jadakiss said of 50. “Half a dollar is nothing. I’ma destroy this dude.”

    Last week, Fat Joe told DJ Kay Slay he would respond to 50 Cent on his next album, but the Bronx native said he would prefer to handle the G-Unit general one on one in the street.

    Joe called the rapper a “CB-4 gangster” and quipped 50 has been beefing with Ja Rule for 4 years and hasn’t even slap boxed him yet.

    During 50 Cent's interview, an unidentified man was shot in the legs outside of Hot 97’s offices in New York.

    According to sources, the man shot was a 20-year-old Los Angeles male in 50 Cent’s entourage. 50 Cent and Olivia were immediately ushered out of a side building. Police are investigating the shooting and no suspects were available as of press time.

    The victim was shot in his leg and taken to a Manhattan hospital for examination.

    Hidden Content

    I said it once, I'll say it again...

    rappers... Hidden Content

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    I would really like to see fat joe and 50 having a one on one. . . . Vinsanity could you create a poll of who would win in a fight ' 50 vs fat joe' ?? ? ?

    im still a newb not sure on how to make polls. .

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    Hidden Content Originally Posted by wizane_won
    I would really like to see fat joe and 50 having a one on one. . . . Vinsanity could you create a poll of who would win in a fight ' 50 vs fat joe' ?? ? ?

    im still a newb not sure on how to make polls. .

    anyone ever seen that Simpsons episode where Smithers and Homer fight? Smithers punches Homer in the stomach and his fist gets stuck like he punched a blob. I could see a similar situation here Hidden Content

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    Fat bastard vs. Phat Rapper

    Fat Joe responded on the Piggy Bank track from 50 and told on MTV that the steroids are gettin to fifty. "He aint build like that" [My first thaught was "You aint build like that either you Fat Freak"] But on the other site.. 50's dissin' EVERYONE. So if there would be some kinda shootout who should stay alive Hidden Content or.. should they record a track together Hidden Content and forget about all. Plus I'd like to know if you think 50 would be that hot[ Hidden Content ] without the dre beats, cause after all.. this is a cellphone forum. Ok hit me...

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