if anyone here is familiar with the episode of family guy where peter builds the bar in the basement and lois sings for all his beer buddies, i have a request for you.

usually i would do this on my own, since its not too long but does seem a bit complicated and i am absolutely horrible at picking out piano notes. i was hoping someone with a little more knowledge around a piano could help me out.

i want to get a midi of the theme from the scene where peter actually builds the bar. in the background plays a soft, jazzy piano rendition of the family guy theme, which would make for such a great tone. if someone has the dvds and could help me out with this, that would be ideal, since i the mp3 i have of the tune is too big to post here. if anyone can PM me and host it for me, thatd be great. this is so long, but i hope someone can help me out.

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