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    Hey guys, do any of you have a webpage which you put your ringtones/wallpapers on? If you do, I have a few questions:

    Do you have to format the page a certain way with certain special "wap" code or do you just HTML it and size it to fit on a cell phone's screen?

    If you just HTML it, can you just open up the midi and jpg files on your phone and save them or do you have to code it to send it to your phone?

    Ok so maybe only two questions, but they're significant ones.

    See More: Creating a WAP page for your ringtones/wallpaper

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    nope you have to code in WML format for wap pages. and nope you need no code to link the pictures and tones. only them WML coded hyperlinks like you are linking a page. thats it basically. if you want to add games and stuff you need to edit the ".htaccess"

    good luck

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    i use to host a wap site where i transfer my tones/wallpaper to my phone.Cons are you can only store 1mb of memory onto the site.


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