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    how do i take .wavs and make them midi file save but there no midi option?

    See More: Cool Edit Midi Conversion

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    It's impossible to do, simple as that. Read the FAQs:

    Some programs do allow you to convert single tones (monophonic instruments and such) to a midi data, but as far as converting complex recordings and arrangements, currently, it hasn't been done. The first person who comes up with an accurate way to convert complex audio recordings into midi will be rich though (maybe), and will need to adopt me as their son.

    Also, converting a CD audio track to a MIDI file is currently impossible, due to the fact that programs just can't decipher what note is what when multiple instruments are being played all at the same time.

    MIDIs CANNOT HAVE VOICE. Changing an the extension of an MP3 to a .mid DOES NOT make it a MIDI! Get that idea out of your head. It would be the same as changing the extension of an MP3 to .avi. Just because you do it doesn't mean its now a movie file.
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    Yes, unfortunatley it's not currently possible.

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    yea, cant do me ive tried

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    Ya don't even bother trying... all the programs out there don't convert clearly... midis can't judge multiple instruments

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