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    I have been spending hours trying to get songs from my CDs to my phone.
    So far I have been successful enough to convert them from .wma all the way to .mmf files.
    I have even been able to upload them to sites and download them to my phone.
    Problem is, they’re always too big and only play hardly 2 seconds of the song.
    The clips I have are only about 8 to 10 seconds, I don’t understand why they’re so big.
    Does anyone know how I can reduce the size of the file to make them compatible with my phone?


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    If you have advanced recording software, try changing the bitrate, in kilobits of data per second-- kbps (or, in layman's terms, the smaller this number, the lower the quality), to anywhere from 64-96kbps. you may be recording them at a default rate of 128 or higher, which makes for higher file sizes.
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    64kbps seems to be what most of my mmf files are, and it keeps the file nice and small and around 10-13 seconds long without distorting the ringer too much!
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