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    hey im compelety new to the forums and i just got my cell phone a little while ago ... ive had enough of the ****ty ringtones samsung provides and i want to get my own but i dont really know how... i dont have a package for t-zones so i dont know if i can even go online and if i can how much it would even cost... is there a way i can get ringtones on a samsung e315 with a data cable because i woudl be willing to purchase one if i could go that route.. also if that is possable what programs would i need to do that... thank you for any help it is appreciated

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    Here's the best way to do it...go to Hidden Content and sign up with tmobile with your name/phone number all that information that need...and sign in with your number and password for the website go to ring tones..and there you go Hidden Content

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