My phone doesn't have the internet, so I got one of my friends to download the ringtone on his phone and then I tried to get it via USB cable but it didn't work. I also got my girlfriend to download it on her phone, but the tone was locked so I couldn't get it then either. Neither one of them wanted to waste money on ringtones so I paid for the ringtones each time. So this is twice I paid for this, but not able to actually put the ringtone on my phone.

Thankfully I found this website and there is an old thread on here with a version of it, but it's not exactly the version I downloaded onto thier phones. I also have seen it with lyrics on certain websites, but that isn't what I'm looking for either. I'm just trying to find, I believe its a polyphonic .mid instrumental. I know on my girlfriend's phone (Alltel) I downloaded it from a site called "Def Jam Beatz".

Does anyone have the version I am looking for? It would be greatly appreciated.


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