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    i have a phone that only accepts .mid files, so i've been trying to figure out how to make .mid files from .mp3 files i have. I realize that they are not the same thing and that midi files will not contain any actual singing but what i cannot seem to accomplish is that nice sound that the ringtones on sites have. I've tried several programs but all of them conver thte mp3 to something like a piano, and you can't even make out the beat of the song. Anyone got a link to a tutorial or something of the sort?

    i've seen the sticky that gives you info about making midi's. But that's not the problem i have. I can make them.. they just don't sound good :P

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    There is no program out there that can successfully convert an mp3 to a mid. This has been discussed many times and no answer has been found yet. The best thing to do, is go to or similar websites through your phone browser and download ringers from there.

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    making ring tones

    Hidden Content Try Ring Factory. You can go to Hidden Content , or you can get it for like 10 bucks at wallmart or compusa. It let's you use wav files, cd's, or mp3's to create your own ring tones. It's pretty fun and it sounds good too.

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