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    Anyone have any suggestions on how to make midi's form mp3/wav's
    most web pages who are honest say its not easily or well done since it is splitting up a music piece back into component parts.
    Anyone have any recommendations on how to do this or what programs they have luck with??

    See More: Making midi from mp3/wav...Possible?? Recommendations??

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    Give up now... it is a futile quest.

    I am computer savvy and teach music for a living. I will tell you honestly that you're better off taking a few piano lessons and learning to sequence with the HOURS and HOURS you will spend trying to do one song. It is no surprise to me that the programs that offer the function have no "demo files" that impress me. I've tried... its just not worth it.

    Now what song do you want done that you cannot find?

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    ok saw what I had missed onother posts ie:Hidden Content
    thanx for the information.

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