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    I clicked the Ringtones on top of the forums, and went to polyphonic, adn I found A tone I want " Rage against the machines" Killing in the name of

    But when i hit continue where you have to select your provider Verizon wireless isnt shown

    Anyone know where to find this free?

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    the link at the top is an advertising partner that profits the site... use the forum search to find "free***" tones on the board

    Remember, as a Verizon customer you need to cut these to less than 1 minute.... Verizon isn't listed because (in my opinion at least) they seem to be being much more cautious about copyright issues that may yet develop...

    ***free speaking of your wallet... you'll need to earn $100CPF via posting and other methods found on the board (look in chitchat forum) to purchase attachment download access
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