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    Hey i found this site, where all you do is pay $8 (no more fees ever), and you get a password/login to the site, and it gives you software to make your own ringtones - all kinds - REAL MUSIC: mmf, qcp, mp3, mp4, amr, wav, sound effect links, they already have free polyphonic ringtones on their site, free graphic relay and tool where you can edit the image to fit your phone, MIDI converter to SMAF. First you get registered, then download the software it tells you, then create your ringtones (it gives you step by step instructions), or find any image you want online (my advice: go to google image search and type in the image you want, then save it, then relay it to your phone), then it has a relay where you put in the file name and to what number you want to send it to, and it'll relay it to your phone.

    I'm just giving you my own brief description on this, but I love this site. Before I used to go onto the Cingular website (MediaMall) and pay about 2.99 per real music tone, and i don't remember exactly how much the images were either, and now I can have any ringtone I want on my phone for free, and any image, etc. The measly $8 I paid was well worth it, because its a well designed site & makes everything pretty easy, that's less then the cost of 3 ringtones on Cingular.

    And if you don't have tons of CD's or real music on your computer already, then I suggest you download one of the plenty of free shareware programs out there like Winmx, where you can download mp3 songs for free.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, you can put up to four cell phone numbers on your account, so not only can you send the free stuff to yourself, but also to up to three friends/family. That's super cool isn't it?

    Hope this helps some1 Hidden Content

    Here's the site: Hidden Content

    Let me know if you have any questions.... Hidden Content

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