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    This forum done fell off

    i aint seen no new tones in ages??

    is it the fact that most ppl now have mp3 fones and have no need for midi tones?

    is anyone else feelin like there aint no new ones like there used to be?

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    I would say that many people are purchasing phones with truetones(mp3) capability. There are still a good amount of people with phones with polyphonic and monophonic ringers. Im sure that if you're looking for a specific ringer, you can request it in a thread and im sure that you will be supplied with it.

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    There is an increasing demand for mp3 tones because more phones support 'em, but most people are still downloading MIDI tones more than mp3 tones. It will be a matter of time before upgrade to a newer phone which may likely support mp3 tones if this is something that's important to them,

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