When I Upload A Midi File, My Phone Will Play It From The WAP Site I'm On, But I Can't Download It. When I Upload A QCP File, My Phone Will Download It, But I Have To Have My Speaker On, or else it's barely noticable, even if it's on Vibrate&High Volume (and I've Increased the Volume Up To About 300% Of The Original Volume) I Am Able To Play Truetones, but it's a CDMA Phone. Heres A List Of File Types I've Tried

MP3-Doesn't Work
AMR-Doesn't Work
AWB-Doesn't Work
QCP-Works With Problems

I've Tried Other Formats But I Forget What they were. but i know they didn't work.
MODEL::::::LG 3300/LG VX 3300

anybody have any suggestions other than buying a Data Cable??

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Please Add Me To AIM or MSN or Email Me With Ideas, if u don't want to share them, Thx In Advance

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