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    Hi I'm a newbie here (der) and I know I should see if the answer to my question is posted here already but I've been trolling thru for an hour and am going blind trying to find anything that fits the bill so pls excuse me i'll need to ask (possibly) a repeat question...

    I have a U8330 which is second hand and unlocked from 3 network. I have WAP enabled and have uploaded an MP3 I want to use as a ringtone, using WAP Upload. Anyway, I have no idea how to save the file to the phone as a ringtone or at all! I can listen to it...I can save the page...but I have no idea how to save it as a ringtone. Can anyone please help?

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    Well, I don't know anything about Australian service providers and I can't find much information about your phone from my usual sources. Since nobody has replied to your post before now, I'm going to take a guess based on a general rule regarding mp3 ringtones. Wish me luck Hidden Content

    Some phones will only play mp3 ringtones if the mp3 file is cut to 30 seconds or less and the bitrate reduced 96kbps or less. You might want to also convert the ringtone file to mono unless your phone has stereo speakerphone. Finally, if you do all this and it doesn't work for you, I've heard people say their phone would not recognize a ringtone because the filename was too long, try changing the filename to something 8 characters or less with no spaces or symbols.

    If none of that does the trick, maybe me bumping your thread to the top of "Today's Posts" will get your question noticed by someone who knows. Good luck! Hidden Content

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