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    I have a Motorola V3c cell phone and my service provider is Aliant. I would like to know how to download ringtones and screensavers to my phone. I have a special usb cable for connecting my phone to my pc but i can not get any programs to work with my phone for downloading, can someone please help me as I am getting extremly frustrated?

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    Re: Motorola V3C

    hey there's a specific program called motorola phone tools 4.0 (4.0 is the latest. if you search it on google there is probably a free trial download or somthing. I have the same phone as you, and this program works great Hidden Content

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    Re: Motorola V3C

    There are numerous threads right here in this forum that have the link to download MPT and tutorials to help you get your V3c set up and running with the software. Simply use the search function located at the top of the page to find "MPT". You will get everything you need that way.

    Good luck.
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