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    What type of ringtones do you purchase? I buy all types of ringtones, from rock to rap to techno, as long as it has a good beat. I still don't a ringtone is worht $1!

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    Re: What type of ringtones do you buy?

    Buy? Ringtones? You got to be kidding... if what I want on my phone can't be gotten for free (downloaded or ripped from a CD), I'm not about to pay for a few seconds of sound, just to have a ringtone that for the most part I'll never finish hearing before answering the phone.

    The only reason companies can charge what they do for ringtones and graphics, is because for every 10 people like me, that won't pay anything for rigntones, there are 5000+ people, pretty much killing themselves, just to get the chance of getting the latest graphic/sound/music snippet, and willing to pay pretty much anything to get it.

    Most people get sick of hearing one song on the radio every 30 mins (popular ones that is), and a busy ringtone would get old faster than the radio... at least in my humble opinion.

    And when you really think about it, how much time do you or anyone you know, that spends more than a few seconds listening to their 30 second ringtones? And all those hundreds of pictures (other than the ones you take yourself), how much time do you spend paging through the graphics on your phone screen? I mean past the first couple of days of showing off the phone... heheh

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