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    How to Make Your Own Hi-Fi Ringers

    [I will not be held liable for any consequences that will arise from using this guide. Use at your own risk]

    What you need:

    Your mobile phone (obviously)
    A data transfer cable
    An uploading program (such as EasyGPRS for Samsung phones)
    A program to convert audio segments to a ringtone format
    MP3 music files
    A .xxx --> .mp3 audio converter

    Thanks for taking the time to look at this guide. I hope it helps you to customize your phone the way you want it. Personally, I was fed up with crappy .mid files. I wanted better quality, and I was not prepared to pay $2+ for it.

    1. The first thing you need to do is set up your file uploading program. I use EasyGPRS, but depending on what you use, you will have to set it to work with your phone.

    2. You have to have a data transfer cable or else you won't be able to send the file to your phone. If you don't have one, search google for websites that have different cables.

    3. Now we can't just send .mp3's to our phone, unless your using a smartphone, in which case you shouldn't even be looking at this guide. Using your converter program, convert the files to the applicable format. My Samsung SGH-X475 uses .mmf files.

    3.1. If you have a music file that is not supported by your converter program such as a .wma file, you can convert that file to a .mp3 file using one of many free converters.

    4. When you have a .mp3 file selected, convert it to the file type your phone supports. Record the segment you want. Make sure you don't record too much of the song. My phone only has 600kb for music and picture storage. I had used about 80kb already from picture files, so I only had 520kb to work with. Normal Hi-Fi ringers are about 8 seconds and 35kb. So 520 divided by 35 is 14.857143, or 14 to make it easy. Using the converter program record about 8 seconds of your song. You can increase the length of the song depending on your phones memory and your upload program's file size limit.

    5. Locate your converted file, and using your upload program, send the file to your phone. You can now brag to all of your friends and show off. Although, assuming you bought all 14 files, you would pay $28. But the registered version of the converter program and the price of the data cable including shipping will probably cost you around $55. But then again, you will probably upload way more than 14 files over the course of a few weeks.

    See More: How to make your own Hi-Fi ringers
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