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    Iv Got This New Lil Jon Track I Need Help How Is It That Most Of The PPL Here Can Make A Midi And The Sounds On That Midi Are Perfect In Pattern and sound just like the real thing Iv been wanting to know this for sometime now and when I heard this track I just had to find out how its done I don't realy know to much about midi file accent for that its a real low size of space then a MP3 but if someone can help me out Here a The track its Self

    http :// Hidden Content transfer.php?action=download&ufid=8463EEC50ED6AA4D

    Put All These Together There Space In the Link I Can Post The Link The Right Way Cuz Im New LOL

    See More: Need Help

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    Re: Need Help

    you can't successfully convert an mp3 to a midi file.
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