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    My son has a sony ericsson Z300a is there any way to make your own ringtones and is there a way to upload them to his phone? Does this phone only use polyphonic ringtones or is there another format that will work?Hidden Content ?Hidden Content Will any uploader on the web work with cingular also?

    I have a Sanyo Katana and I can make all my ringtones in qcp format and upload them. Anyone have the Katana? If so what do you think is it a better phone than the A900? I was thinking of taking this one back and getting the 900 but i heard lots of bad things about battery life!!!! Please if anyone reads this help!*!*!*!

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    Re: Help Z300a - Ringtones

    the sony z300a only uses polyphonic ringtones.

    as far as a better phone than the a900, you might look into the a920 from samsung. My cousin has it and has never complained about the battery life or anything. One good thing with that phone is the amount of memory on the phone and you also have expandable memory, which means, you can insert a transflash memory card with memory up to 512mb. On the phone itself, it has 70mb. Considering the file size of tones you send over to the phone, you can fit quite a large # of tones to it w/out worrying you're gona run out of room.

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    Re: Help Z300a - Ringtones

    The Katana is a piece of junk in my opinion. They designed it purely for looks and left out some of the better features that could have made it truly competitive with higher end phones like the Razr. The a900 and a920 are both much better than the Katana. Here is a comparison of their features:

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    The Katana has a crappy VGA camera, only 5mb of memory, and no expandable memory. The A900 has 50MB built-in but no expandable, and the A920 has a miniSD slot, both of them have a 1+ megapixel camera. The Katana has a nice large display, but the A900 has the same size display.

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