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    I don't really know much about cellphones as I only use it to talk and thats IT, no fancy stuff for me lol.

    Anyways as I was browsing this forum about ringtones, I saw the sticky at the top about the member who makes realtones by request free of charge. What I don't understand is how the realtone will get onto my phone? I read that you have to download it onto your computer, but I don't know how to then get the tone onto my phone. I have a Motorola SLVR L7 with Itunes, and I have the cord that lets me put ITunes onto my phone, but how would I transfer the tones (will it be with this cord?) Is there a way to just send it directly to my phone how the phone carrier and websites do?

    Really basic questions, but like I said I'm a newb - heh


    See More: How does this work?

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    Re: How does this work?

    yes. you can use the 'cord' as you wish to call it. With that data cable, you can transfer files between your computer and phone. You can also use certain websites to send you a text message with a link you follow to download them from the website.

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