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    i'm a real noob when it comes to computer stuff...
    i just got the white chocolate and i was wondering how to download music...
    i got this small memory chip thingy...
    what do i need to get to connect it to my computer?
    do i need a special CD?
    can someone actually give me the steps? thanks XD

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    Re: transferring music

    what size is your memory card?

    One thing you can do is, if you don't have one on your computer, is go to best buy or circuit city and purchase a media card reader. They are usually in the computers/digital camera departments. Does your card look similar to the smaller one pictured here?

    Hidden Content

    Also, if it is similar, do you have the bigger card in which you can slip the microSD into? If you do, with the media card reader, all you have to do is put the miniSD into the regular sized memory slot and insert that into the media card reader.

    BUT, if you want, you can go to best buy or any electronics store and purchase a Bluetooth USB Adapter. Your phone supports bluetooth, so you can transfer files between your computers and phone wirelessly.

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    Re: transferring music

    the microSD goes into the back of the phone

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    Re: transferring music

    I use a kit called Hidden Content that plugs your cell phone into your USB port on your computer.

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