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    Arghhh! I am real stumped on this one..Ihave a Samsung a920 phone.I used power Mp3 joiner and splitter to join a 6 second intro from a favourite dvd of mine with an audio extractor,I joined it with a 21 sec musical part from the movie soundtrack and finally a 3 sec finalle from the movie again=30 seconds in total. I used Rumkin to upload and it worked fine with the jump code assighned, listened to it and it came out perfectly!
    However when I assighned it to my house phone contact,it didn't work.All I got was the red light blinking,but no ring sound. I assighned some other older homemade ringtones, and they all worked.
    Then I tried setting as Incoming calls with and without caller ID and again nothing.
    Does anyone have a clue as to what is happening? I thought that maybe joining different MP3's is not possible even though I set the delay between MP3's at 0. Dont know if it has anything to do with the bitrate,but like I said I got it to upload and plays fine when I scroll to it and press the Menu/Ok button on my phone,just can't set it as anything for some unknown reason?? I googled-joining MP3's for ringtones and there was nothing showing that it couldn't be done?
    I would really appreciate any help this is the 3rd attempt with various MP3 joiner software. Thank you Hidden Content

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    Re: Joining MP3's for ringtones? SHOULD work! honestly I wonder if it is simply a corrupt file along the way...

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    Re: Joining MP3's for ringtones?

    Hidden Content Originally Posted by jeaniesing SHOULD work! honestly I wonder if it is simply a corrupt file along the way...
    Hmmm..would a corrupt file allow it to be uploaded and played in the DL's of my phone but when transfering as a ringer, it would pick upp on the slightest glitch? this might prevent it?
    I can try 3 seperate music mp3's and seeif it works.I can also try after to use a couple of music mp3's added with another extracted audio track from a dvd with my Xilosoft audio ripper,this is the one I was using.
    A further note..The mp3 joiner software was a trial version and during the joining and save process the full product registration option popped up twice,stopping for 2 secs until I x'd it me thinking,so I contacted tech support with my question via email,as there is no phone# a few days ago..still waiting for a responseHidden Content
    It just baffled me as to how I was able to upload fine with the jump code but not set it as anything.Anything other then a corrupt file could cause this??
    Thanks for your help Jeanie Hidden Content

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