My wife has a moto rzr and just the other day her ringtone suddenly changed. Thinking that she had accidentally changed it some how, she went to her ringtone menu to reselect her desired tone. Once she was going through the menu, it occurred to her that she could not even find the new ringtone that had replaced her old one. In fact, after some thought she realized the "mysterious" tone was one she had never downloaded and actually never heard before. Our plan is through Cingular and this is not the first time we have had unexplained problems. For instance, I have a Samsung and on at least two occassions my voice mail account has become unavailable. After calling Cingular and waiting the normal decade and talking to the same people at least twice before one of them finally accepted the fact that they would indeed need to do their job that day, I was able to get the voicemail account back up and running; without, I might add, any explaination for what had caused the "glich".
First and foremost, does anyone here know what could possibly have caused my wife's ringtone to change and remember, the new tone never showed up on her menu. I can't help but wonder if someone at Cingular has a bug up their ass about me for some reason, especially considering my voicemail problems. Is it feasible, that someone is actually purposefully causing me problems, or is the "mysterious" tone some attempt from a "shady" company to get my wife to "order" a ringtone she did not request; and maybe the voicemail problems are just the result of some poorly managed systems?

Any and all help/info. will be very helpful! Hidden Content

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