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    I have motorola mobile phone tools version 4.5.1c.

    It works and detects my phone but there is only 5 folders listed for the phone in the file transfer studio: audio, incamcorder, incamera, mixedmedia, and MMC(removable media). I don't know which folder the ringtones go into? Any help??

    I've also tried using BitPim and that won't detect my phone. The K1m is not even listed to detect it manually.

    I've tried using p2kcommander. That works, but the Motorola software update i've downloaded (that you are apparently suppossed to have running at the same time as p2kcommander) wont detect my phone either.

    Any help on how to put ringtones on sprint krzr k1m? thanks...

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    Re: sprint krzr k1m how to put ringtones??

    If its like most other Moto phones, the ringtones will be in the AUDIO folder. But if MTP has recognized your phone and shown you all the folders, you should be able to look inside the folders by double clicking on them. If you see the built in ring tones inside the Audio folder, then thats were they go.

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