Ok, I know this isn't actually a "ringer" per-say, but I thought this post fit the best in this forum out of all the others.

Anyway, MGM has a new promotion going, and you can now have David Hewlett as the greeting on your voicemail! LOL! I think this is so awesome.

Go to stargate.mgm.com/mckay-vms.html and select your name from the list, then record the resulting message to your phone as the greeting for your voice mail! (For anybody that is a fan of David Hewlett on Stargate Atlantis, David sounds very much like his Rodney-self in the message!)

It's actually a somewhat personalized message, too. You choose your name from a drop down list, and then it gives you the recording with David saying your name.

Even if you aren't a fan of David Hewlett or Stargate Atlantis, it would still be cool to do this, just so you could have an actor on your voice mail! By the way, if you really aren't a fan, I encourage you to check out Stargate Atlantis, Fridays on SCI-FI. I think it is one of the best shows on tv right now.

Have fun!
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