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    Hey everybody,

    Just had a quick question.

    How do you feel about ringtones at work?

    I love music, but most ringtones are not appropriate for the workplace. I know that a lot of people at my job get irritated when they hear party music going off... especially my manager.

    Anyone else had the same type of experience?

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    Re: Ringtones in the Workplace

    Hum....I don't have that problem because I work in a place with soo much metal.....there's no signal. If I had that problem...I would just use a "beep" alert . I have many different ringtones for many different surroundings like if I'm in a place that's spiritual filled...I will play a gospel ringtone Hidden Content If I'm at a house party...I'll have a ringtone of an oldie goldie or a recent new release song. If I'm home trying to get some sleep before I go to work...I'll turn off the phone itself Hidden Content

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    Re: Ringtones in the Workplace

    I work in a dental office and it's not that we mind patients ringtones, so much, because as we are working on them and their phone rings we can "ignore it" and they are usually "embarrassed" that they didn't turn it off...BUT...we had to draw the line when we had a rash of people trying to answer their phones while getting work done...And it's usually just to say "I'm at the dentist. Let me call you back"...HELLO! That's what voice mail is for!

    The last straw was when a patient couldn't answer his phone because he had an impression in his mouth and asked the DR to answer it for him!! From that moment on, signs went up all over reading "Please turn off your cell phones".
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