I've run quite a few searches, both on google and this forum. And that cable I got Ebay is FINALLY working, with a whole lot of trouble, I have WebJal hooked up to my phone. La-dee-dah!

But! It seems to me that my phone can only handle 8 bit WAV sound files. I've done some more googling and I found that my phone (i670) can handle MP3 format files. I have tried to upload them in normal (128) and (8) bit formats, but both give me a baud-rate error.

I've spend about three days, perhaps more now.. and all I ever, ever wanted was the Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger's communicator beep on my phone!

Can anyone help? I'm using dBpowerAmp to convert the song (MP4) into low quality WAV (which works, but sounds like crap) and MP3 formats (which my phone seems to reject). I'm hoping that someone knows the correct size, length, bit rate and file type that the i670 will accept for a ringtone that sounds somewhat-good (I'm not hoping for much here from such a basic phone)

Many thanks in advance~

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