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    Hidden Content Originally Posted by Awoken
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    I hard this ringtone at work, and I thought I'd try to find it, but I have not been able to over the past week or so.

    So... I come to you.

    This is one annoying ringtone, it goes like this (sorry I don't have any audio to help):

    Ring ring ring, Ring ring ring, RING, RING! RING RING RING, RING RING RING RING!! (and continues)

    It's annoying, starts off quiet, but as the ringtone progresses, it gets louder, and louder, and much for annoying.

    Can any body help me find it? And tell me if I can get it... I have Verizon, and a Motorola K1m KRZR currently.

    Thanks a
    bunch.Hidden Content
    This is a repost to attach the requested ringtone.

    See More: RE: Looking for specific ringtone
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    Re: Looking for specific ringtone

    Is there anyway to do this without connecting to the internet on my phone?

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