I have looked to see if someone has posted a question similar to this, if there is one I'm sorry for a double post

I am getting a new cellphone and I was considering these two cellphones:

The LG Chocolate Flip Phone 8600

and the KRZR

I know this may sound shallow but the only real thing I'm looking for in a new cell phone is the ability to be able to have your own personal ringtone. Basically, to be able to personalize my cellphone as much as possible, background and being able to have different ringtones for different contacts and such. But the big thing is like to have ( for example an band that you would know it would be hard to buy or download a pre exsiting ringtone.)SO you would use a song from your comp and put it onto your phone and be able to use it as a ringtone.

I was able to make ringtone but I have it as a mp3 in my itunes currently.
The thing is when I went to telus the sales person said that some phones have this feature blocked like to upload a song from your computer and put it onto your phone and put it as your ringtone. THe Flip apparently can't do this but she didn't say anything about the KRZR but I believe you can't do this either. I've heard you have to hack your phone?? but as some people have no problem being able to set their ringtone to any music they make or use from their comp( I'm assuming the comp part.)

So my question comes in A: if you have any of these phones are you able to do this. And B: what phone do you have and how are you able to get your 'music' as ringtone?

ugh, I hope this makes sense I am really new with ringtones and downloading onto phones and such.

EDIT: I also heard because it is in a mp3 format I need to convert it to MIDI? or something.. I really have no idea what that means. but does that involve hacking the phone. Apparently people have tried but the phone recognizes what your doing and still are able to block it

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