Hello. I have been looking for days for Jack Bauer's ringtone to no avail, and am convinced no one has it.

I KNOW I'm not allowed to post links, but seeing as this is the one time I will be using this forum, I hope you will have the integrity of trusting me on clicking this link to the ringtone file. I can assure you, it's not some virus or anything like that. Even Google Yelsikneb, and you'll see I would never do something so idiotic.


is the ringtone I am looking for. I saw the sticky of the 24 ringtone but don't have enough posts to hear it (because I just registered today haha), but I'm guessing that one is the one you can easily find by Googling it. I want the plain, nice one that Jack has. Does anyone know where I can find it or one similar to it?

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