Hello everyone, I have a question about how to transfer a made-clip of a song to a ringtone
from my computer and send it to my sidekick 08. I have a FlexPay account and Transcend Micro 1GB memory
card (thats the correct one right?) I was wondering how I can do it. Some of the methods I
tried would'nt let me do it unless there was something wrong, and was wondering if I can
fix that or if there is any otherway to. Some ways that I tried were:

1. I tried sending the clip from my computer to my email, but the downloading attachment
wasn't clickable so I couldn't do it, anyway how I can or something?

2. I uploaded the clip ringtone to a WAP site and couldn't get it as well, is there a way

Any help is appreciated, I really wanted to get my made music clipped as a ringtone
on my phone

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