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    my advice is "keep it classy and don't try to be creative"
    somepeople have songs as ringtones, and trust me, many people don't even choose a 'nice' and 'tasteful' song but rather silly, vulgar and sexually offensive songs as ringtones.
    may I just take this chance to let everyone know that it's really annoying.
    Stay with a 'normal' and 'nice' ringtone.
    why I said "ringtones are like children's names?" well, some parents are being creative and make up children's names that do not exist. "LaQuisha" is not a name, neither is "Dyanne"
    also I've observed names being deliberately being mis*****ed and then labelled as "creative" "Dyanne" is not the correct *****ing but should be "Diane" instead. My ultimate questions here is: "what's wrong with classy, children's names?" and a ringtone that sounds like a phone?
    I'd appreciate your responses. thanks

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    Re: ringtones are like children's names...

    ok thanks for the suggestion !

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