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    Nearly forgot about this request. Last night i watched Burn After Reading, and i really liked the ringtone heard from the phone of Tilda Swinton's character, Katie Cox. It's a simple mono triple ringtone, and those are the types i love to use on my phones. Im attaching a sample clip, ripped from the film -- where i amplified just the ringer itself to 400. It looks like most (if not all) characters in the film were using Motorola Razr phones, tho i wouldnt know which model/carrier. If anybody knows the name of the ringtone, and can share it, please let me know!

    Sorry for such a long post! Thanks in advance!

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    i found it! it's the Startac 9 ringtone. anybody who is interested, Ill attach it here.

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    See More: ringtone as heard in 'Burn After Reading'
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