I had the LG Chocolate Touch for over 4 years and loved it. But I needed to get a smartphone and the ringtones that came preinstalled are very few (droid razzr M). I am used to my LG Chocolate VX8575 ringtones and have spent almost all day trying to either figure out how to get them off the internal memory of the LG (not possible) and/or;

have done numerous searches online for the name of the ringtones that are on the LG but they do not come up anywhere. Does anyone know if it is possible to find these ringtones anywhere. They were preinstalled from Verizon when I bought the phone (no help from verizon either). The two I would like the most are Kingston Sun and Melody Bell.

If all else fails does anyone know of a good site that has ringtones that are not music or ridiculous farting or animal noises? It seems that is all that is out there now.

Thank you.

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