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    If you've ever scoured the Internet looking for free ringtones for your phone, then you'll already have discovered that it's not easy to find truly free ones. The problem is, a lot of websites on the net can lead you to believe what they are offering is really free with no strings attached. That is until you try and download some.

    You may have found some sites re-direct you to unrelated websites full of advertisements. Others may ask you to pay a subscription or charge a fee in some way.

    Then there's the question of legality.

    As you can imagine, there are lots of sites on the Internet that aren't very legal at all. The content that is offered usually gives you a clue. If a site hosts ringtones from the latest songs, then it's probably best to keep well away.

    This article focuses on sites that offer content which is free and legal to download or send to your phone. Some of the services in this top-list also offer other content such as videos, games, software, etc., which you may want to also use on your phone.

    Visit my site: Hidden Content

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