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    Hi all,

    I would like some advice on how to create ringtones from My Music Library. I would like to use iOS, but might be willing to try using the Mac if that will work better. I know absolutely nothing about Audio editing and find it very intimidating. Not all of the ringtones I want to make are at the beginning of songs.
    I tried the free version of Ringtone Maker, and even got to the song I wanted, but I couldn't tell where I was in the track, as it told me where I was by minute and second but wasn't playing through the headphones or speaker, so I was lost. Do I have to get this information from some other App beforehand? Any help would be much appreciated, preferably in layman's terms.

    Thanks you so much!

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    Re: Help creating ringtones

    I use windows but it should be easy enough if you have a good audio editer for the Mac. I find where I want the ring tone to start and put what's called a q point in Gold Wav which just marcs it. Then I put another marker where I want the tone to end then split the file. After naming the file I go in and make sure the metta data info is how I want it so it will be named right in Itunes. Then I use an audio converter to convert the file to a M4R file and add it into Itunes. Keep in mind that for some lame reason your ring tone can only be 40 seconds long. I hope Apple changes this soon. I am not sure how well this would work on a Mac sorry.

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