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    I picked up this cellphone while I stayed in the Toronto area for a year. It's a Sony Ericsson Z200. I've left Toronto and am now back in Fredericton, N.B. Now I know that Fido has merged networks with Rogers, which is available in my area. My phone does pick up the Rogers network now, but I went and talked to Rogers and they said my phone would be billed as long distance if I made calls around here.

    What's up with that?? I thought they'd at least let me move with the phone.

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    you can switch ur number to local and make local calls.

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    If you don't have an agreement with Fido, just close the account and start another one locally. If Rogers is the only availble provider in Fredericton, you should start another plan with Rogers. If you want to keep your Z200 phone, you have to unlock it first before you can use it for Rogers.

    If you still have an agreement with Fido and want to continue to use it, then you have to pay roaming charge when you make a local phone call. However, you have to pay both roaming and long distance charge when you answer even a local call.

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