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    some idiot who setup this rogers phone must have punched in blank spaces in the name because it shows ROGERS shifted to one side (representing the network currently active on the phone).

    how do I edit this network name? There has to be a way. Please help.

    thanks in advance,


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    I'm not sure but I think that you need to find the place in your menu that allows to change your BANNER. look for that and that should help you

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    the rogers logo will always be there its programmed into the software of the phone and there is no way to get rid of it, however if you press any button when the main banner (hands) comes on it will stop the funny sound in the begining that annoys everyone when you turn on the phone.

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    The reason you CANNOT change the op-logo on a GSM phone is because of its technology...CDMA you can change the banner because you will never roam and if you do it will flash "partner parnter im charging you 1.50 a min!!!!!". With GSM it will always tell you what network you are on for you. You must know if you are roaming or not. Even if you drive a copple of miles away from the border you may regester on a US network and you MUST KNOW YOU ARE ROAMING ON THE US NETWORK OR YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHY YOU WERE CHARGED. expecialy with robbers roaming rates. its the way it goes tough.

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    I'd be more irritated by the Nokia text

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