Hi all. Quick question if this can be done or not. Way back in the old days I was able to use my analog cell phone with a cable that hooked into the modem port on my laptop and dial into the internet using my dialup account u/p that I used from home. It was slow and only 9600 or something but for just checking your email or basic stuff it did the job and it would use your airtime just as if you were making a call.

Can this still be done with the todays phones? I have a Sony Ericsson T637 phone and the Rogers plan I'm on has unlimited airtime so this would work great for me.

I don't want to use Rogers stupid data plans as they are a ripoff, but if I could just do it the way above it would be fine. If anyone can give me the simple answer of this would work and if not what has changed so as to why it used to work but now won't? I can't seem to find this info anywhere by searching.


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